Be a part of an expert advisory group made up of industry leaders.

If you would like to become a member of GIPA please contact:

Greg Fulford
Chairman, GIPA

Members of GIPA operate one or more gamma irradiators or are companies that supply cobalt-60 used in gamma processing.

Membership includes virtually all the companies operating the 50 plus large-scale gamma irradiation facilities in North America, as well as the finished source suppliers who supply over 95% of the world’s cobalt-60 sources.

GIPA members typically meet by conference call once a month to discuss issues of strategic importance and relevance to the industry. Minutes of these meetings along with action plans, trip and external meeting reports, current projects and information on archived projects are contained in the Members-only secure area of this website.

Many GIPA projects relate to the development of legislative and regulatory initiatives to protect cobalt-60 sources from malicious use while preserving the beneficial applications of this very safe and vital technology.